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At Grace Family Dental, we address oral health at every stage of life, and we welcome patients of all ages. We are proud to offer children’s dentistry services specially tailored to children and their specific needs, from birth all the way to adolescence. We want to encourage proper children’s dental hygiene and care techniques in a comfortable and welcoming environment. Our aim is to offer our young patients an enjoyable time at the office, so they leave eager to continue with their future dental visits.

Start your child on the right path to a lifetime of good oral health!

Our Grace Family Dental team is exceptional at communicating with children of all ages. As parents ourselves, we understand the unique needs and concerns that children have when it comes to dental visits, and we have many years of experience in child hygiene and treatment. We believe that visits to the dentist should be an enjoyable experience, and we do our best to encourage proper dental care and techniques in a warm, friendly, and comfortable environment. In doing so, our younger patients have an enjoyable time at the office and are eager to continue future dental visits.

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We offer Complimentary Happy Visits to Children Under the Three Years of Age!

At Grace Family Dental, we strive to create a general awareness for good oral health at an early age. Early prevention and education help make long term care and maintenance possible. We offer all patients under the age of one a complimentary gentle checkup, also known as a “happy visit.” This is an excellent way to introduce your child to our dental clinic environment and encourage and support early dental care and maintenance.

Early Dental Visits Equal a Lifetime of Dental Health and Wellness!

When it comes to your child’s dental health, there are many things to consider. It is recommended that parents have their dental treatment completed before the birth of their child, in order to minimize the transference of Strep mutans, (an oral bacteria that can transfer from mother to unborn child), which in turn can help minimize your child’s risk of developing early childhood cavities. We also discourage parents from putting their baby to bed with a bottle filled with anything but water. Milk, fruit drinks, apple juice, or sugar water in a bottle overnight can wreak havoc with developing teeth, often resulting in rampant dental cavities. As soon as the first teeth erupt in the mouth, we recommend that you begin brushing, twice daily, with water. By one year of age, your child should have his or her first teeth and the first dental examination should follow soon thereafter, as recommended by the Canadian Dental Association. As a general rule, regular checkups every six months should then be completed in order to maintain good oral health and treat issues while they are relatively small. However, your dentist will determine if checkups should be more or less frequently, depending on each individual patient.

Our family-friendly general dentists and entire dental team are here to provide children’s dentistry in a comfortable and nurturing environment for children that encourages and educates about the importance of oral hygiene now and throughout their lifetime.

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At Grace Family Dental, our goal is to deliver comprehensive family and general dental services to provide our patients with the highest quality of affordable dental care possible. Our Dental Team is committed to providing you and your whole family with the comprehensive oral health care you need.

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