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We Want To Be Your Choice for Custom Sports Mouth Guards in Airdrie!

At Grace Family Dental, our goal is to ensure that our patients have the proper protection for their teeth, no matter the circumstances. That is why we are pleased to offer Custom Sports Mouth Guards!

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What is a Sports Mouth Guard and why do I need One?

A custom Sports Mouth Guard is intended to protect your teeth while playing hands-on sports, or to protect your children’s teeth when playing contact sports like Hockey, Soccer and Football. At Grace Family Dental, we recommend that anyone who participates in any type of athletic activity protect their teeth with high quality, proper fitting, custom sports mouthguards. Since approximately 39% of all dental injuries occur while playing sports, and 75% of sports-related dental injuries include at least one of the most visible teeth, a sports mouthguard is an important preventative device that we recommend to all patients who play any type of sport. The most common sports-related injuries include broken teeth, knocked out teeth, an injured cheek or tongue, or a broken jaw!

What are The Benefits of a Properly Fitting Sports Mouthguard?

A properly fitting sports mouthguard is designed to fit over your bite while you’re engaged in a sports activity and absorb the shock of impact and protect the teeth and soft tissues inside your mouth against potential chips, cracks, fractures, knock-out, and damage. The material used to construct the mouthguard is light, so it will not restrict breathing in any way, nor will it limit talking in any way. Most importantly, it is comfortable, highly effective, and extremely safe.

Sports Mouth Guards are highly effective at protecting your teeth and smile from injuries resulting from contact sports. Grace Family Dental is committed to helping you protect your oral health and recommends anyone partaking in a contact sport is fitted for one. Call our dental clinic today to speak with one of our qualified dental team members and see how we can help you.

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