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Clear line Invisible Aligners

Your Choice for Airdrie Invisible Braces!

At Grace Family Dental, we aim to give you the smile you’ve been dreaming of. With advances in orthodontic treatments, and so many choices now available, it has never been easier to achieve the smile of your dreams! Grace Family Dental is pleased to offer Clearline Invisible Aligners to our patients.

A Clear Solution for A Confident Smile!

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How does the Clearline System Work?

The Clearline Invisible Aligners system is a clear alternative to traditional clear or metal wire braces. The Clearline System straightens teeth by using a series of customized clear aligners. These virtually invisible removable plastic aligners are worn over the teeth, and gradually move your teeth into the exact position your dentist has recommended. They are switched out about every two weeks and, over time, shift your teeth into the correct position. No one will know you are wearing them unless you tell them!

Conditions Treated with Clearline Aligners

Clearline Aligners can correct mild cases of crowding, spacing, rotations, overbites, under-bites, and cross-bites. Treatment times vary from case to case, but Clearline Aligners can be used to correct a number of crowding and alignment issues. To find out if Clearline Aligners are right for you, call our clinic to speak with a member of our helpful team.

Why You’ll Love Clearline Aligners

Why do patients love Clearline Aligners? Because they don’t prevent you from doing the things you love; they’re non-invasive, hardly affect your speech, practically invisible, and can easily be removed for eating and brushing. Best of all, Clearline Aligners help you achieve an attractive smile without having to wear traditional wire-and-bracket braces!

What Comes in Your Aligner Kit

With your treatment package, you will receive:

  • The first set of aligners
  • Care and cleaning guide
  • Cleaning and storage kit
  • Tooth whitener
  • Retainer Brite cleaning tablets

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Clearline Invisible Aligners | Grace Family Dental | Airdrie Dentist
Clearline Invisible Aligners
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